Learning Kit: Pizza Book Kit

Learning Kit: Pizza Book Kit

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If you’ve got a little one who loves pizza, or would like your little one to try to like pizza, this is THE kit for you! Pizza!, by Lotta Nieminen, is a step-by-step interactive book, showing you how pizza is made, from an introduction to the ingredients, the tools needed, and the steps taken! The interactive novelty features invite kids to participate in the process! One hundred percent adult-free, knife-free, oven-free, and mess-free, cooking pizza has never been so independent! Perfect for kids who love to help in the kitchen, or any child who prefers to ‘do it myself’. Best of all, you can try the recipe wholesale, or check out our cheat pizza (always a hit with our kids)!   

Together with this book, expect loads of fun activities, targeting gross motor games, numeracy skills, oracy and sequencing skills, colour recognition, pattern recognition and many more! Plus if you’re game to brave a trip to the supermarket with the kids, they’ll get to see the vast array of pizza related ingredients too!

Comes in a pizza box for authentic play too! One of our favourite kits so far! Suitable for ages 2 and up. 

Coming End June! 

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