Learning Kit: Mother’s Day Book Kit

Learning Kit: Mother’s Day Book Kit

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Mummies, do you know how much you mean to your little ones? For little Oskar, his mama means the world to him! Join us on Oskar’s quest to find his mama the perfect present. It isn’t an easy journey but amidst the trouble, drama and sadness, comes amazing kindness and the perfect, most simple love! 

This Mother’s Day, we have created a book kit featuring Oskar’s story, and a range of learning activities featuring oracy skills, fine motor skills and lots of creativity! You will not want to miss this if you are a lover of beautiful illustrations and a wonderful storyline. Special surprises galore in our book kit for everyone in the family! 

This book kit consists of: 

1. A hard cover book. Set in Vienna, this book has beautiful illustrations. If Mama loves Europe, you will LOVE this book.

2. Story sequencing cards aimed at promoting storytelling, oracy, sequencing.

3. Dough kit by Messy Fingers aimed at developing those fine motor skills. And everyone likes dough, don’t they?

4. Scaffolding drawing activity aimed at creative expression.

5. Writing and mini interview activity aimed at developing oracy skills, confidence in speaking and asking questions.

6. Sticker craft activity aimed at creative expression and practising those fine motor skills.

7. Top secret sealed mission for daddy and child, enough said! Mamas always love something handmade, right? And most daddies aren’t good at handmade, so deploy the kiddos to help daddy!

Book kits will be shipped out end April, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy this kit before Mother’s Day itself, if you’d like to! 

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