Learning Kit: Holiday Holi-YAY!

Learning Kit: Holiday Holi-YAY!

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Holiday Holi-YAY!

It’s that time of the year again, when school holidays begin and kids have more free time (yay kiddos, oh no, mummies and daddies!)

Whether you are going on holiday or not, you will love this holiday themed kit!
This kit takes your child through a pretend holiday, right from the packing stage, going to the airport and going through the airport before getting on the plane. You can use the kit as prep for your holiday, during your holiday, or if you haven’t anything planned, pretending to be going on holiday is kind of fun too! 
Our holi-YAY kit seeks to create authentic learning experiences for your child, by imitating real life. Authentic learning invitations to play include the following:

1) Airport I-Spy- you can totally make a day out of this activity hunting down things at the spanking new Terminal 4!

2) Passport and Boarding Pass fun

3) What to pack for a trip

Other fun activities include:

4) Fine motor practice sticker fun

5) Simple Math and Physics- which type of plane flies the furthest 

6) Prepositions with planes activity 

Activities good for both SMALLIES and the not so small kids! And great as a Christmas present too! 
Kits will be mailed out by the end of the 3rd week of November. 

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