Le Sac En Papier: Storage sacks


Le Sac En Papier: Storage sacks

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Yes, kids are messy. Their toys make it seem like a rainbow threw up all over the floor. Period. That’s why you need to keep away the clutter in nice storage sacks! Eye candy, ya know!

Le sac en papier storage sacks are so versatile, not to mention appealing to mums into design, black and white (no longer that possible with kids), and typology.

What do you store in your storage sack? (We have what seems like a gazillion soccer balls in ours!)

Shipped in from Paris, printed on strong, natural kraft paper, heavy duty and reusable for a lifetime! English on one side, french on the other!

Measures 60cm x 35cm x 16cm or 33 litres.

Props not included.

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