Learning Kit: Father’s Day Mini Book Kit

Learning Kit: Father’s Day Mini Book Kit

$ 30.00

Everyone knows the role of the Mother. What about the Father? In this Father’s Day Mini Book Kit, we celebrate the Father figure in your children’s lives. Daddies work hard and play hard. Daddies try their darnest to make things fun and cool most of the time. But sometimes, all the child wants, is just to spend quality time with Daddy. In any possible way. Join us as we explore the perspectives of Daddy and child in this book kit; Daddy, who tries to give his child, experiences every other child can have, and the child who tells Daddy, that actually, it doesn’t matter. And what matters most is that they are together. Awww. A beautifully illustrated book, together with two activities that celebrate the Father. This is a ready made present for Daddy!

Coming early June!

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