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Upsy Daisy Book Kits were developed with the busy parent in mind.

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” (Emilie Buchwald) But, what happens after reading? How do we extend the learning for a topic our children are excited about, when we have no time? How do we ignite their interests?

As former FTWMs and educators, we know how hard it is to even find time to read after work! That’s why we decided to develop fully-equipped book kits, to help busy parents engage and bond with their children meaningfully beyond a book.

So, there you have it, Upsy Daisy Book Kits! Our books are carefully curated, and activities developed for children between 18 months and 5 years old. Everything is provided: Book, art materials, mosquito patches etc. You just need our kits and set aside a weekend to do some of the activities. Some of our customers are even bringing the kits on holiday! How cool is that? Keeping learning fun beyond borders!

We try to come up with at least one book kit a month and also keep quantities small as we are only a 2 mamas-3 children show. So, keep your eyes peeled on our site and IG/FB for updates!

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    Easter is all about new beginnings, bunnies, carrots, chicks and springtime! Each Easter Mystery Box has been curated and prepared with lots of hard work and love. 

    This Easter Mystery Kit features ten activities, targeting areas of learning like simple Science, verbal reasoning, vocabulary building, basic numeracy, shape and colour recognition, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination.

    Suggested instructions for the various activities, for different age profiles, and different abilities are provided. This box is created with time-poor parents in mind, who would love to do activities with your children, but have no time to prepare activities. 

    Suitable for ages 18 months - 5 years old. 

    *Helping Hands Tools in the sensory bin shown in the picture are not included. Not all activities are shown in the picture. 


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    Mummies, do you know how much you mean to your little ones? For little Oskar, his mama means the world to him! Join us on Oskar's quest to find his mama the perfect present. It isn't an easy journey but amidst the trouble, drama and sadness, comes amazing kindness and the perfect, most simple love! 

    This Mother's Day, we have created a book kit featuring Oskar's story, and a range of learning activities featuring oracy skills, fine motor skills and lots of creativity! You will not want to miss this if you are a lover of beautiful illustrations and a wonderful storyline. Special surprises galore in our book kit for everyone in the family! 

    This book kit consists of: 

    1. A hard cover book. Set in Vienna, this book has beautiful illustrations. If Mama loves Europe, you will LOVE this book.

    2. Story sequencing cards aimed at promoting storytelling, oracy, sequencing.

    3. Dough kit by Messy Fingers aimed at developing those fine motor skills. And everyone likes dough, don't they?

    4. Scaffolding drawing activity aimed at creative expression.

    5. Writing and mini interview activity aimed at developing oracy skills, confidence in speaking and asking questions.

    6. Sticker craft activity aimed at creative expression and practising those fine motor skills.

    7. Top secret sealed mission for daddy and child, enough said! Mamas always love something handmade, right? And most daddies aren't good at handmade, so deploy the kiddos to help daddy!

    Book kits will be shipped out end April, so there's plenty of time to enjoy this kit before Mother's Day itself, if you'd like to! 

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    Everyone knows the role of the Mother. What about the Father? In this Father's Day Mini Book Kit, we celebrate the Father figure in your children's lives. Daddies work hard and play hard. Daddies try their darnest to make things fun and cool most of the time. But sometimes, all the child wants, is just to spend quality time with Daddy. In any possible way. Join us as we explore the perspectives of Daddy and child in this book kit; Daddy, who tries to give his child, experiences every other child can have, and the child who tells Daddy, that actually, it doesn't matter. And what matters most is that they are together. Awww. A beautifully illustrated book, together with two activities that celebrate the Father. This is a ready made present for Daddy!

    Coming early June!

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    If you've got a little one who loves pizza, or would like your little one to try to like pizza, this is THE kit for you! Pizza!, by Lotta Nieminen, is a step-by-step interactive book, showing you how pizza is made, from an introduction to the ingredients, the tools needed, and the steps taken! The interactive novelty features invite kids to participate in the process! One hundred percent adult-free, knife-free, oven-free, and mess-free, cooking pizza has never been so independent! Perfect for kids who love to help in the kitchen, or any child who prefers to 'do it myself'. Best of all, you can try the recipe wholesale, or check out our cheat pizza (always a hit with our kids)!   

    Together with this book, expect loads of fun activities, targeting gross motor games, numeracy skills, oracy and sequencing skills, colour recognition, pattern recognition and many more! Plus if you're game to brave a trip to the supermarket with the kids, they'll get to see the vast array of pizza related ingredients too!

    Comes in a pizza box for authentic play too! One of our favourite kits so far! Suitable for ages 2 and up. 

    Coming End June! 

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    Beach Bonanza is our very first bumper kit, with two books, because we couldn't bear to leave either one out! Kids will have fun looking for marine creatures with a torch in one book, while the other book will engage your five senses, in the most whimsical, poetic manner.

    This is a sensory kit for sure, so get ready to get your hands on seashells and kinetic sand. Create a craft sandcastle with your children, and go on a seaside jaunt to play I SPY. Best of all, this is a kit you can take with you on all beach holidays. Enough said? Great for mini beach bums!

    Coming End July! 

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    But of course we can't leave out National Day! In this book kit, enjoy nursery rhymes with a local twist. Figure out with your kids, the A to Z of Singapore, in their eyes. We couldn't resist throwing in a little bit of local Geography and History in this kit- you're never to young to learn about your country!

    Coming in August! 

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    The Nature Book Kit was created to promote a slower life, a more mindful childhood and a deeper sense of awareness and appreciation for nature, given how our children are city dwellers. 
    Join your children in growing a plant, going on a scavenger hunt, amongst other activities, and basically, really just taking time to smell the roses. 

    Coming end August! 

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    [Backorder: Kits will be delivered end Sept]
    This is a MINI kit for smallies with the classic Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. Enjoyed by the very young and the not so young, this book is sure to delight with its vibrant colours, funny words and drama!
    This kit includes:
    1) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Book 
    2) A coconut tree & adhesive ABC craft, to replicate the story
    3) A wooden ABC puzzle for letter recognition 
    4) A complete set of 26 ABC stampers
    5) Our usual array of activities using the 3 above to help introduce the alphabets to your smallies in a super fun manner! 
    Recommended age: 18 months and up 
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    Learning Kit: Can you see a Rainbow?

    $ 50.00$ 80.00
    [Preorder: Kits will be delivered end Sept]
    This is a full kit for smallies based on the teaching of colours in the most hands on, sensorial way!
    *Note the optional add ons and select accordingly.
    This Rainbow Kit contains: 
    1) A very rare Dr Seuss title, one in five books he didn't illustrate: My Many Coloured Days
    2) A choice between a Rainbow Stacker OR a set of Rainbow Magnetic Chips & a Magnetic Wand OR * BOTH [Add-on]
    3) Rainbow coloured pom poms 
    4) Our usual array of activities targeting colour recognition, sorting, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination etc. These will include use of all the goodies above!
    5) Our usual cheat sheet with all the instructions and suggestions for extension activities.
    6) *Rainbow Rice + Rainbow Scoops [Add-on]
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    Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Mini Book Kit
    Christmas is a magical time of the year. It’s a time for thinking of the less fortunate, giving thanks for the year, a time of rest and a time for being with loved ones. This will be a fun kit for both small and big kids, and great as Christmas presents too! 
    Activities include:
    1) Story sequencing, with differentiated instructions for both smallies and older kids
    2) Word sounds activity
    3) DIY Christmas tree craft activity
    4) Christmas counting activity, with differentiated instructions for both smallies and older kids.
    Kits will be mailed by the week before Christmas or earlier! 
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    We can finally share, that our October book kit, is a collaboration with the super creative PlayLeXue!
    This is a BILINGUAL kit aimed at children 4 and up, but of course, as we always say, a well exposed younger child will benefit from this kit too!
    The Museum Explorer Kit is based on Lianne Ong's Stacey Goes to the National Gallery Singapore. As mums of young children, we very much wanted to introduce young children to museums beyond what most of our children remember their museum experiences to be- dots!! 
    Instead, you and your child will get to learn all about museums in general. Our kit includes activities targeted at:
    1) Learning museum related vocabulary in both English and Chinese;
    2) Articulating museum etiquette;
    3) Learning about calligraphy as an art form, with hands on practice too;
    4) Taking a closer look at one of the paintings by a first generation Singaporean artist in Stacey Goes to the National Gallery;
    5) Recognising patterns in museum architecture all over the world;
    6) Engaging in craft and small world play by building your very own portable museum gallery!
    7) Developing a creative story behind a museum artefact!
    Because the activities are largely applicable to ANY museum, you can use this kit with your other Stacey books too, to explore our other beautiful museums in Singapore.
    Last 2 kits available!
  • Holiday Holi-YAY!

    It's that time of the year again, when school holidays begin and kids have more free time (yay kiddos, oh no, mummies and daddies!)

    Whether you are going on holiday or not, you will love this holiday themed kit!
    This kit takes your child through a pretend holiday, right from the packing stage, going to the airport and going through the airport before getting on the plane. You can use the kit as prep for your holiday, during your holiday, or if you haven't anything planned, pretending to be going on holiday is kind of fun too! 
    Our holi-YAY kit seeks to create authentic learning experiences for your child, by imitating real life. Authentic learning invitations to play include the following:

    1) Airport I-Spy- you can totally make a day out of this activity hunting down things at the spanking new Terminal 4!

    2) Passport and Boarding Pass fun

    3) What to pack for a trip

    Other fun activities include:

    4) Fine motor practice sticker fun

    5) Simple Math and Physics- which type of plane flies the furthest 

    6) Prepositions with planes activity 
    Activities good for both SMALLIES and the not so small kids! And great as a Christmas present too! 
    Kits will be mailed out by the end of the 3rd week of November. 
  • Back to School Book Kit

    This January's book kit is our take on Back to School. Whether you have a child starting at a brand new school or a child starting a new school year, there's something for every child in our Back to School Kit! One thing's for sure, the kit will be chock full of activities to make going back to school exciting and fun! 

    Activities include:

    1) Never take a bear to school (Mark Sperring & Britta Teckentrup) 

    Bears are clumsy. They don't sit still. They're much, much bigger than teachers - and they eat SUCH a lot of lunch! Yes, taking a bear to school is a BAD idea. But will this little boy find the courage to face the first day of school alone?

    With so much to do, like painting, dressing up, storytime, and making new friends, he just might! And Bear? He'll always be waiting at the end of the day, with a great big hug!

    A delightfully funny story that will reassure every child anxious about starting a new school or nursery.

    2) Book related activity 

    3) Back to School Snakes and Ladders Game: Have a go with your child at this Snakes and Ladders Game, punctuated by simple questions to help your child articulate emotions and happenings in school. You can share your own old school stories as you land on the various questions too! 

    4) All About Me Colour Wheel: An easy to put together little activity to capture everything about your child at this point. This will be a good bonding activity as you work together, with your child verbalising bits of his/her thoughts.

    5) First Day of School Hunt: Who has sharp eyes? Who can spot the many objects hidden in this image of a first day at school?

    6) Back to School craft: A DIY photo frame to put together, with a first day of school photograph of your child. Fess up mums, we've got plenty! 

    7) Reward stickers: We've provided a whole pack of reward stickers for your little ones, because everyone needs encouragement, and EVERYONE loves stickers :) 

    Suitable for ages 3 and up. 

    Kits will be mailed by the end of January!