Make Me Iconic

  • The humble burgers is an icon found all around the world. THIS is how Australians do a Aussie Burger with The LOT!

    WARNING! there are strong opinions on how these get stacked. We designed this so you can choose your favourite! 

    Burger Bun - a soft pillowy and distinctly sweet bun with sesame seeds. It should be able to withstand juices and burger sauces. Lettuce - fresh and crisp! A slice of ice berg lettuce adds a bit of crunch. Onion - raw or slowly cooked to golden brown. These are a must! Pineapple - a slice of pineapple is the quintessential signal that you are actually eating an True Blue Aussie Burger. Sometimes briefly grilled. Sauce - BBQ style with a hint of smoky flavour but definitely dark in colour a contrast nicely to the sweetness from the beetroot and pineapple. Beetroot - Typically Australian. Why? Because it gives it a sweet flavour and best added last to avoid sogginess. Bacon - salty, sweet, delicious. Tomato - some people like them, some don't. You choose. Egg - the fried egg is another symbol of an Australian burger with The Lot. The yolk must be soft and oozing. Cheese - we like cheddar, melted for best effect and optimal taste. Single or thick sliced. Beef - the foundation of any good burger. Cooked medium with a bit of char on the outside.


    Ages 3 years +

    Complete with 11 wooden stacking pieces and 4 flags to slot on the top

    22cm (L) x 9.5cm (W)

    Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non-toxic paint

    Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box

  • A collection of ten iconic Australian toy biscuits. Wooden of course but just as delicious looking!

    Dipped into a cup of tea or simply munched on their own. Tim Tam, Teddy Bear, Iced Vo Vo Delta Cream or Tic Toc; what's your favourite? We have recreated a selection of iconic Australian biscuits for your children to enjoy. We're sure they will like these almost as much as the real thing.
    Each biscuit is made of wood and makes a great accessory to any tea party or kitchen set. We included numbers on the reverse of each biscuit to make learning one to ten yum! And we like things neat to we also have the handy beautiful tin to pack them all away in afterwards.
    Ages 3+
    Complete with 10 wooden cookies and numbers for counting on the back
    12cm (L) x 12cm (W) tin box
    Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non toxic paints
    Comes packaged in a beautiful tin box